Year 13 Crime and deviance lessons

Please follow the links to download any lessons or reading you’ve missed ready to revise for your test the first week back.

Definitions of  crime deviance and the social construction of crime statistics

social construction of crime


Official stats

sociological review article

stats worksheet

Durkheim’s functionalist theory of crime and deviance

Durkheim’s theory of crime

A pearl example

Functionalist reading 2018

functionalist model essay (no item)

Functionalist theory of crime page 1

Functionalist theory of crime page 2

Functionalist theory text book pages

Mariam Moustafa case study

Saudi case study 2018

Merton’s strain theory

Merton’s strain theory

Merton’s strain theory chart

Subcultural theory and Matza’s techniques of neutralisation

Subcultural Theory 2018 edited

subcultural theory reading

subcultural theories learning table

Labeling theory/interactionism

Labeling theory lesson 1 2018

Labeling theory lesson 2 2018

Class power and crime

marxist theories of crime and deviance 2018

Corporate crime 2018

Marxism and crime theory reading

White collar crime 2018 with essay

Realist theories of crime and deviance

new right realism lesson 2018 l1 and 2

Situational crime prevention lesson

Situational crime prevention strategies table

left realism- student slides 2018

Hackney children’s zone

Gender and crime

gender and crime 2018

Drunk women convicted of assault treated more harshly in sentencing than drunk men

Gender and crime- lesson 2 men

gender and crime essay plan

Ethnicity and crime

ethnicity and justice 2018

Ethnic minorities and mistrust of justice system article

The Macpherson report

Crime media

Media and crime with answers

Moral panics

Globalisation and crime including green crime, state crime and human rights crime.

2018 Globalisation and crime lesson 1 & 2

globalisation model answer

State crime 2018-2019 FINAL lesson

2018-19 Green crime

Green, state and human rights crime summary sheets

Crime control and punishment



2019 Punishment with essay Q.

Situational crime techniques supportive and critical evidence











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