Families and households lesson 1 and homework tasks

  • division-of-labour-homework-sheet
  • lesson-1-family-bingo-intro-to-sociological-views-of-the-family
  • As you can see from the topic breakdown, your first topic is couples.
  • To be prepared for next lesson you need to do the reading on the domestic division of labour and answer the following questions:
  • 1) What roles does the functionalist scholar Parson’s say exist in the family? Describe an explain both roles, ensuring that you are clear about which gender does what.
  • 2) Are these roles joint or segregated? Explain why & ensure you link your answer to Bott’s definitions
  • 3) Wilmot and Young are critical of Parsons, arguing that there have been significant changes in family life, give examples of these changes and explain how Wilmot and Young use these to explain a shift in how the household roles are shared. Ensure that you include (and explain) the phrase march of progress in your answer.
  • 4) Ann Oakley however hugely disagrees with Wilmot and Young, why? What evidence does she have to support her criticisms and what research method did she use to find this out?

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